MTN Mashup Code In Ghana 2022

    MTN Mashup code

    Undoubtedly, MTN’s Mashup bundle is one of the coolest bundles offered by a telecommunications company.

    I say this because of the endless opportunities in terms of call talk time as well as data allocation.

    The bundle gives you the freedom to choose from a wide range of unique bundles depending on the amount of money at your disposal.

    It is very safe to say that indeed, MTN Mashup has helped a lot of Ghanaians to save money when it comes to buying call credit as well as data.

    What is MTN Mashup?

    As earlier indicated, MTN Mashup is a bundle offered by one of the giants when it comes to telecommunications in Ghana, the Mobile Telecommunications Network (MTN). The bundle comes in two parts, thus call time and data. Irrespective of the amount you are purchasing, you will have an amount for call time and data. The percentage allocation of call time and data depends on you the individual.

    How to do MTN Mashup?

    Subscribing to MTN Mashup is not a tedious thing to do as you can achieve it within a few minutes. If you decide to subscribe to the MTN Mashup service, just do the following;

    • Dail *567# on your phone
    • After dialing, you will receive a pop-up so you can go ahead and choose the amount you would like to purchase.
    • Once you are done, you will need to confirm the purchase and after confirming, you will receive a prompt in this regard congratulating you on the purchase.

    How to deactivate from MTN Mashup

    Deactivating from the MTN Mashup service is also achievable and all that you have to do is to send STOP to “567”.

    After sending the message, a confirmation message confirming your deactivation from the service will be sent to your phone.

    MTN Mashup Bundle Prices

    You can purchase the MTN Mashup bundle can be purchased with as low as GHC 0.5.


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