Depression Helplines in South Africa

Depression Helplines in South Africa

Depression Helplines in South Africa – In South Africa, depression continues to be a pervasive mental health concern affecting countless individuals.

In response to this pressing issue, a network of depression helplines has emerged as a crucial lifeline for those in need of immediate support and guidance. These helplines play a vital role in offering assistance, comfort, and resources to individuals struggling with depression across the country.

Depression helplines in South Africa provide an accessible avenue for individuals to seek help without the barriers of stigma or fear. Many people grappling with depression find it challenging to reach out to friends, family, or healthcare professionals. Helplines bridge this gap by offering confidential and non-judgmental assistance, ensuring that callers can express their emotions and concerns freely.

One prominent example is the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG), a leading nonprofit organization that operates a toll-free helpline. SADAG’s helpline offers a compassionate space where callers can share their feelings, access information about depression, and receive referrals to mental health professionals if necessary. This service is available to individuals of all ages, making it an essential resource for the diverse population of South Africa.

The availability of depression helplines is particularly crucial in a country where mental health resources might be limited or inaccessible to many. Remote or underserved areas often lack sufficient mental health infrastructure, making helplines a lifeline for those who may not have other options for seeking support. The ease of access to helplines ensures that individuals from all walks of life can connect with trained volunteers or mental health experts who can provide guidance and empathy.

Furthermore, depression helplines contribute to the larger effort of reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues in South Africa. By openly discussing depression and offering support, these helplines contribute to changing societal attitudes and encouraging individuals to seek help without shame. This cultural shift is crucial in fostering a more empathetic and understanding society that values mental well-being.

Depression Helplines in South Africa

Below are some of the helplines for people suffering from depression in South Africa;

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group
Suicide Crisis Helpline – 0800 567 567
Cipla Mental Health Helpline – 0800 456 789, SMS 31393
Cipla Mental Health – 076 882 2775 (WhatsApp)
Maybelline BraveTogether – 087 163 2030 (WhatsApp)

The Anxiety Group
24hr Helpline: 0800 12 13 14 or SMS 31393
Depression and Anxiety Helpline: 0800 70 80 90

Lifeline South Africa
Telephone – 0861 322 322
Website –

South African Federation For Mental Health
Telephone – 011 781 1852

Akeso Crisis
Telephone – +27 (0) 86 143 5787



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